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"I recently attended one of Jamila’s professional development events and had a great time! Jamila is skilled in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment at her events. Participants of different age groups, ethnicities and walks of life were actively engaged during the entirety of the workshop. Her knowledge and application of the John Maxwell leadership program provided us with a platform for safe introspection, exploration and specific, measurable steps for progression in business and personal goals. I had the opportunity to meet individuals from industries and with skill sets different than my own, thus diversifying my network. Jamila’s positive energy draws a positive network. Can’t say enough positive things about her!"


– Ashley R.
   Owner, AR Naturals Skin Ltd.  



“Jamila is articulate, intelligent and hardworking. I highly recommend her to any organization or group that wants to bring a new level of thought and skill to their audience.”


– Flo D. Lattery
   Business Consultant, Mind Optics, LLC



"I had a great time listening to Jamila. How she was able to breakdown the concept that helped each of us while we was deployed. Her approach and how well she understand the John Maxwell program amazed me because I am a John Maxwell fan. I would go to a meeting again with Jamila."


– Lawrence Thompson, 

   Leadership Strategist

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