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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FORWARD stand for?

FORWARD is an acronym for Facing Our Reality With Action, Resiliency & Determination. The acronym was formulated in 2014 when founder Jamila first had a vision to develop her own leadership and personal development company. After experiencing some adverse situations in life, Jamila knew the only way to overcome was to push forward. This personal mantra became the founding principle of Push FORWARD Development Ltd.

What are the fees associated with the services Push FORWARD Development Ltd. offers?

Services provided to organizations and audiences are customized therefore fees vary depending on organizational needs. Because we believe there is no “one size fits all” way to serve clients, we cater services to fit your unique needs. FREE consultations are provided to develop a game plan for you. To create a customized game plan, please schedule a FREE consult via email at

Does Push FORWARD Development Ltd. only work within the state of Colorado?

Although Colorado is a great state and the headquarters of Push FORWARD Development Ltd., services provided expand beyond the “Colorful Colorado” state borders. In fact, we love to travel and look forward to serving people and developing partnerships with organizations outside of Colorado and the United States.

Does Push FORWARD Development Ltd. provide a safe and inclusive environment?

Push FORWARD Development Ltd. is honored to serve the LGBTQ+ Community. We provide a safe, welcoming environment for all identities at our events and trainings, and look

forward to meeting you.

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